Обзор способов и протоколов аутентификации в веб-приложениях

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Способ Основное применение Протоколы По паролю Аутентификация пользователей HTTP, Forms По сертификатам Аутентификация пользователей в безопасных приложениях; аутентификация сервисов SSL/TLS По одноразовым паролям Дополнительная аутентификация пользователей (для достижения two-factor authentication) Forms По ключам доступа Аутентификация сервисов и приложений — По токенам Делегированная аутентификация пользователей; делегированная авторизация приложений SAML, WS-Federation, OAuth, OpenID Connect […]

Пример использование Splunk для анализа логов / Хабрахабр

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Apache Kafka — централизованная обработка и хранение логов

Apache Kafka: A high-throughput, distributed, publish-subscribe messaging system.

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OpenShift Origin — Open Source Platform-as-a-Service

OpenShift 3 is built around a core of application containers powered by Docker, with orchestration and management provided by Kubernetes, on a foundation of Atomic and Enterprise Linux. OpenShift Origin is the upstream community project that brings it all together along with extensions, to accelerate application development and deployment.

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JavaScript — jQuery Sparklines

jQuery Sparklines позволяет нарисовать маленькие графики по передаваемым данным прямо в браузере.

This jQuery plugin generates sparklines (small inline charts) directly in the browser using data supplied either inline in the HTML, or via javascript. The plugin is compatible with most modern browsers and has been tested with Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Opera 9, Google […]

A Collection of New and Useful Free UI Kits

Designers need libraries for fonts, .psd images, progress bars, background textures, photographs and other resources, including UI kits that help them save time, and being free, these UI kits also are money saving.This collection of free UI kits have all become available during the first four months of 2015, and include some of the […]

postgresql — Changing the type of a column used in other views — Stack Overflow

При изменении типа колонки, которая участвует в view, выскакивает ошибка типа

cannot alter type of a column used by a view or rule DETAIL: rule _RETURN on view v1 depends on column «name»

Справиться с проблемой можно так:


oracle-ddl2svn — Auto track changes of oracle DDL scheme in SVN — Google Project Hosting

Скрипт вытаскивания из Oracle схемы. Dezign for Databases воспринимает!

Set of tools for automatization storing of oracle DDL schema in SVN.

scheme2ddl — command line utility for export oracle schema in set of ddl scripts. provide lot of configurations via basic command line options or advanced XML configuration

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CitusDB: Scalable PostgreSQL — CitusDB

CitusDB is our full featured, turnkey database solution for fully scalable, highly-available PostgreSQL. A licensed solution, CitusDB allows you to scale out PostgreSQL across commodity servers and also parallel process queries across the cluster for real-time analytics on big data.

CitusDB is built on — and remains in sync with — the latest major PostgreSQL […]

pgFormatter — PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier


A PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier

Источник: pgFormatter | SourceForge.net.