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CitusDB is our full featured, turnkey database solution for fully scalable, highly-available PostgreSQL. A licensed solution, CitusDB allows you to scale out PostgreSQL across commodity servers and also parallel process queries across the cluster for real-time analytics on big data.

CitusDB is built on — and remains in sync with — the latest major PostgreSQL version. It requires no changes at the application layer when used as a drop in replacement for PostgreSQL. CitusDB has an advanced optimizer which pushes queries and aggregations to data, minimizing network I/O. It also intelligently recovers from mid-query failures, enabling high availability.

CitusDB uses a modular block architecture for extreme scalability which is similar to Hadoop Distributed File System blocks, but with tables in PostgreSQL instead of files on HDFS. It shards tables across a cluster of commodity servers with each shard replicated on two of the cluster nodes by default (the number of shard copies is user configurable). As a result, the loss of a single node does not impact data availability, delivering high availability for PostgreSQL.

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